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BCA Taekwondo & Parkour was founded in March 2020 by Victoria Stambaugh, Juan Cernada, and Ahamid Aljaafreh (AJ). The vision was to create an atmosphere where one can learn the important qualities of discipline, self- control, mental toughness, and perseverance while gaining physical knowledge of movement mastery through Taekwondo and Parkour. We believe Taekwondo and Parkour go hand in hand with their similar qualities at the same time containing their own uniqueness. Whether interested in Taekwondo or Parkour, we believe you will gain a better understanding of yourself in mind, body, and spirit.

What is the significance of “Believe.Commit.Achieve.”?

By Victoria Stambaugh

This motto of mine was inspired to me by my favorite bible verse, Proverbs 16:3. It states, “Commit to the Lord at whatever you do, and your plans shall succeed.”So how does my tagline relate to an athlete As an athlete it is very important to first BELIEVE in ourselves. If we cannot believe in ourselves and be confident in our training, abilities, etc., we have already lost the battle we set out to accomplish. After we learn to believe we are able, we must COMMIT ourselves 100% to achieving that goal in mind. Whether it’s in our diet life, training life, or relationship life, in all areas of our lives we must be fully committed towards achieving our goal in mind. That means put sticky notes up on your wall if you must, as I do, to remind yourself what you are working towards every day. Nothing comes over night, it comes by accomplishing our daily goals and to do just that we must be fully committed. After we learn to believe and commit to our goal, we can then ACHIEVE the goals and dreams we desire. It doesn't mean that it’s a 100% definite we will achieve the first time around. Life is not a math problem where 1+1=2. There will be many times of failure, but that is how we grow, get better, learn, gain experience, and overcome our fears to chase our God size dreams in the first place. So that when the time is right in our lives, we will achieve!This motto is not only beneficial for our lives as athletes, but it’s also beneficial to use in life outside of sports and competition. When I was a little girl 13 years old, I decided to pick up my bible and flip through the pages. I didn't like to read when I was younger, so I never really read my bible before, but I thought “why not open it to see what’s inside?” As I was flipping through random pages my eyes landed straight on the bible verse of Proverbs 16:3. I remember as if I was slapped in the face with Proverbs 16:3. I was in awe, stunned, and enthused to keep reading more. I was a baby Christian at the time, but after this experience at 13 years old I started growing in my relationship with Christ. It was because of this verse I was led into a real relationship with God. That is one of the many reasons why this verse is so important to me.What does this verse mean and how does it relate to my tag line? First, we must believe in Christ. Second, we must commit our lives to Him completely. That means our dreams and the desires of our hearts becomes His will for our life and we must commit to doing and achieving His will. Committing to the Lord means, praying as if everything depends on Him and working as if everything depends on us.
Lastly, through Him we can achieve. This doesn’t mean “believe in God and we will most definitely achieve all of our desires and craziest dreams.” God is not a genie that answers all your request of success. We can achieve all things through Christ yes, but it must be according to His will and for His glory. With the favor, will, and power of Christ, we can achieve all things for His glory!
So, in whatever you do in life, believe, commit, and you will achieve!





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